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Portugal lidera os viajantes LGBTQ +

Portugal lidera os viajantes LGBTQ +

Lisbon and Porto are the two friendliest LGBTQ+ destinations in the world.

In a study carried out on the ParksleepFly platform, Lisbon and Porto are among the top cities for LGBTQ+ travelers, with 100 percent each in the anti-discrimination index. In third place is Cologne, Germany, which has one of the highest acceptance rates for LGBTQ+ travelers in Europe (with an anti-discrimination score of 79).

For all intents and purposes, Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, has become the best destination in the world for LGBTQ+ travelers. “Lisbon is a beautiful Mediterranean city with a wide range of gay bars and clubs in its rugged streets,” said Parksleapfly.

Another Portuguese city has the highest ranking, the city of Porto, in the north. Porto is famous for the beautiful River Dou Dou and for the Port wine. “The cities we saw with 2,503 inhabitants per 100,000 had more accommodation options in Porto”.

“To ensure the LGBTQ+ community is safe and comfortable while traveling, Parksleepfly Unveils the most LGBTQ+ friendly vacation destinations around the world based on their LGBTQ+ friendliness factors.” Portugal News.

“With the lifting of travel restrictions, many confident travelers are booking trips abroad, including in the LGBTQ+ community.

For this reason, ParkSleepFLy has developed a code that considers six key factors. First, the Migration and Anti-Discrimination Coordination Policy Schedule 2020 takes into account the scores of each city and country; Number of LGBTQ + events in each city; Security level according to Nambio based on survey results; Hotels listed in Kayak for 100,000 people in the city; Bars and clubs listed on TripAdvisor; Finally, the average price for a weekend hotel.

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